Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sabah Beauties 4 : Leonie Lawrence

My model for the month of May, the month of Kaamatan, is Miss Leonie Lawrence..

Leonie is the Unduk Ngadau Kaamatn 2008.

She is from Penampang.

Isn't she pretty..even in black & white?

Ahemm...Last but not the least, The Beauty & The Photographer.

Thank You, Leonie. ...and to Angeline & Dolly , Kotohuadan for the arrangement.

Location : KDCA, Penampang.


Angie B said...

Hi Clement, saya copy some of Leonie's photos ok?
Great shots... can I publish in our Souvenir Book? I will acknowledge you of course.

C. Makulim said...

Ok ba kalau ko Angie, tapi kalau ko print tidak begitu terang sebab saya reduce pixels gmbr tu. Call me if u need the original size pixels.

Stoney Meenuk said...

Wow! Tondu Tavanus...great pictures.

C. Makulim said...

Thanks Stoney. Blog ko pun good, very informatic.