Monday, April 27, 2009

Photography Workshop at Sabah Trade Centre,KK.

All five members of the Mansau -Ansau Photography Club attended the Photography Workshop on 'Technical Aspects of Photography held at Sabah Trade Centre from 24th - 26th April 2009. It was joinly organized by KKIPC and Sabah Journalists Association.,

Datu Ruslan Sulai (NSTP) giving talk on Photo Journalism Ethics. (above)

Jaswinder Kaur (New Straits Times) on News and Caption writhing.

En. Zamain Singkui (Bernama) on Photography Techniques & Sport Photography'

OUTDOOR ACTIVITY- I was in group 2 together with Wan, Akom, Mazran, Tony, Onot and Anna. Nizman? Dia di group 3.
Ahem.. our group 'Secretary' Anna Lynn ..

Ah sini Nizman with his group.

Cmok & her group

Some of the photos I took during our group outdoor activity... . at Pekan Likas, near All Saints School..

and at Gaya Street Sunday Market..

Ini Alice Mathew, the computerman err ...computerwoman .
saya tahu Stella kenal Alice, kan?

MAPC members with En. Zaimain

na .. graduated sudah, terima sijil...sijil participation saja ba..... from Francis Tahir, Deputy President, Sabah Journalists Association.

Group photo.....I wondered who was the 'faceless ' participant ..standing in the centre .

I meant the one on the second row..

Sunday, April 19, 2009


The Freedom Of Entry To The City Ceremony was held yesterday, 18th April 2009 . Three members of the Mansau-Ansau photography Club joined the city folks to celebrate the rare event....

The Royal Malaysian Navy contingent bearing the Malaysian & Sabah flags.

the Royal Brunei Navy

Indian Contingent

The United States...


'Silent Drill' by Tawau RMN ReserveForce .

Presentation by the Indonesian Contingent

'Demontrasi Bot Tempur' , the
Maritime demonstration

Before the Event Begins..

Navy Cadets ,SMK Papar

KD SRI Tawau..

Waduh... penas sungguh negeri kamu

giving a helping hand..

Intang & Syidah

The MAP club members with Verma (Shell, Kuching) left, and Aniq of Borneo Post ,right.

Among the ships we visited..

The INS KHANJAR from India

The KD KEDAH, Malaysia

KDB Pejuan, Brunei

Adoi... penas dan penat ba...rehat dulu ..

The 'Freedom of Entry Ceremony" is an old Naval Tradition that began during the medieval times, where the City or the Town Council confers the right of the Navy to march with "'swords drawn, drums beatings, band playing, Colours flying and bayonets fixed" The right to march through is usually conferred with a 'Scroll' by the Lord Mayor...The Navy, in return, is bound to protect the city from any invasion or attack.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pesta Muzik Bambu Tamparuli.

The Pesta Muzik Bambu or Bamboo Music Festival in will be held every year in the month of November. Last year, 2 members of the Mansau-Ansau Photography Club joined in the merriment in Tamparuli ...It was organised by the Persatuan Orkestra Muzik Bambu (Ombak)...

Performances by the famed Kinabalu Orchestra, playinng songs on various musical instruments crafted from bamboo, the Sompoton( bamboo aerophone)

the Angklung..

the Bungkau(jaw harp)

The tagunggak (hollow bamboo idiophone) The group (picture)from Tengilan won the last year Tagunggak competition.

There were also other exciting events held at the Town Field such as ...

Furthest Ball Kicking withRampanau(bamboo-stilt)contest...

Bamboo Raft-building Competition..

Rampanau Running Race

and the Longest Bamboo Stalk contest and Widest Bamboo Girth contests

bamboo-based handicraft .....

...musical intruments for sales.

Ah ... the two Mansau-Ansau members with some of the Professional Photograhic Society members in front of the Dewan Tun Hamdan where the hall events was held.

Mount Kinabalu as seen from a hanging bridge at Kampung Bantayan near Tamparuli

The bamboo has long played a significant role in the daily lives of ethnic society of Sabah...
comes this November(25th), the locals will again be celebrating the ever green plant ! So, my friends, specially those in Peninsular get ready your cameras and join in the merriment.

Gettng To Tamparuli
Tamparuli is only 40 minutes by car form KK City. Take a bus from the bus station in front of Wawasan Plaza for RM 5 per person. Be sure to speak with the bus attendent to indicate your drop-of point. The drop off point is usually the pick-up point for your return journey....