Sunday, April 19, 2009


The Freedom Of Entry To The City Ceremony was held yesterday, 18th April 2009 . Three members of the Mansau-Ansau photography Club joined the city folks to celebrate the rare event....

The Royal Malaysian Navy contingent bearing the Malaysian & Sabah flags.

the Royal Brunei Navy

Indian Contingent

The United States...


'Silent Drill' by Tawau RMN ReserveForce .

Presentation by the Indonesian Contingent

'Demontrasi Bot Tempur' , the
Maritime demonstration

Before the Event Begins..

Navy Cadets ,SMK Papar

KD SRI Tawau..

Waduh... penas sungguh negeri kamu

giving a helping hand..

Intang & Syidah

The MAP club members with Verma (Shell, Kuching) left, and Aniq of Borneo Post ,right.

Among the ships we visited..

The INS KHANJAR from India

The KD KEDAH, Malaysia

KDB Pejuan, Brunei

Adoi... penas dan penat ba...rehat dulu ..

The 'Freedom of Entry Ceremony" is an old Naval Tradition that began during the medieval times, where the City or the Town Council confers the right of the Navy to march with "'swords drawn, drums beatings, band playing, Colours flying and bayonets fixed" The right to march through is usually conferred with a 'Scroll' by the Lord Mayor...The Navy, in return, is bound to protect the city from any invasion or attack.


Dolly MJ said... charles member mansau-ansau suda ka? :)

Nizman Lee said...

Alah siok oh kamu, sia dalam class satu hari ....

C. Makulim said...

Oh ya, dia da mohon untuk jadi member. Kami tengah fikir apa jawatan di beri kpd dia..he he.