Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Wedding of Fabian & Angeline

I was invited by an old friend of mine, Jeffree Ghani to witness the wedding of his nephew, Fabian and Angeline. The ceremony was held at the Linangkit Cultural Village, Tuaran. ..Sungguh meriah ba.... upacara perkahwinan ini dijalankan mengikut adat tradisi suku kaum Kadazandusun Lotud..

The arrival...

The rite of 'momisu do dakod' or the cleansing of the feet..

food and drink for the groom....only

and he had to join with the elders

The 'popoirid do mangkuk suluk'.... that is drinking of wine from the same bowl amongst the elders...plus the groom

The chief elder performing of the 'moninjau' praying for good health, prosperity & lasting marriage...and advicing the couple to be true and faithful to each other..

the groom having his meal with the elders..

and the women having theirs..

while some 'guarding' the bride

Now the music begins..

and the dance starts..

Mr & Mrs Jeffree Ghani and the newly wed Mr & Mrs Fabian.

Congratulation to you, Fabian & Angeline.

Among those who attended...

The bell ringer..

The dancers

Waa.. Si Otthe dari FM Suria Kinabalu, 105.9 pun ada datang !

..with Carol.

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