Sunday, December 6, 2009

Horse Racing Resumes !

The Grand Stand.

The guest-of-honour,Dtk Hajiji Noor..dress traditional Bajau horseman..riding a horse.

Ahh... my bets...and I lost RM4..but I will keep this ticket as a souvenir..He he.

After almost 30 years , horse racing racing has finally returned to the Tambalang Race Course in Tuaran on Saturday, December 5.
It begins a new chapter of the Royal Sabah Turf Club after it held its last race at Tanjung Aru last September. The Tambalang Race Coursein the 80s but was used for only a year before it was abandoned and racing activities were shifted back to Tanjun Aru.


Nizman Lee said...

ni baru lah .... mau beli lagi nombor bah .....

C. Makulim said...

First-Day-Cover ticket ba tu..Mesti mo beli.